May 8, 2013

One heck of a week

I am so tired that i feel like i could sleep for a year. First though - i need out of these drenched clothes and into a hot shower.

One 30 minute research presentation.
One essay on how i did my research.
One 30 minute presentation on how my placement agency works with the Justice Department and the Probation Services, and what ethical implications there are for clinicians when working with Justice Department clients, in relation to therapeutic approaches.
One essay on personal workload management. (I am guessing that i was supposed to have a more organised workload plan than just "working every second that my eyes are open"???).
Six hours spent in rush hour traffic.

And it is only Wednesday.

I still have six hours worth of Psych to get through tomorrow before i start on my comprehensive Assessment and Intervention plan which is due on the 17th. Sometime in the next three weeks i also have to churn out a 3 thousand word Psych essay, study for my Psych exam, write a 3 thousand word annotated bibliography, and study for a Human Development exam.

THEN when all of that is done - i am half way to getting to wear one of those fancy square hats. I can't believe i am nearly half way there. It feels like i just started.

The research presentation that i gave on Tuesday was MEAN - by the way. I wish i could give it again! Unfortunately - they made me sit back down when i was done. : /