February 14, 2013

Not Mark Lundy again...

I think the Privy Council hates the New Zealand justice system. They might even just hate New Zealanders in general.

First they torture us with years of having to watch David Bain on the news. Not to mention the prospect of taxpayers having to pay him millions for killing his family.

Now Mark Lundy?


I hope they increase his sentence and he waaaa waaaa waaaas with his orange sunglasses all over my TV screen again. 

I watched a documentary regarding Lundy not long ago. I am sure it was a Bryan Bruce / The Investigator documentary that focused on reenacting Lundy's infamous - hooker in a different city alibi - and whether or not he could have driven between Palmerston North and Wellington in the time frame between the hooker visit and his cell phone being turned off, then turned back on again and transmitting from a Wellington cell phone tower...or Some. Thing. Like. That. 

It was really interesting. It was on Youtube, but now it is not. 

So basically, me even mentioning it now is a waste of time.